1. Race Car for a college festival

We made a race car seating one person using an engine (800 c.c.) removed from an old car. It was a great experience and we could find what should have been differently for Baja after examining the outcome. You can check the report for further details.

Download Report

2. Baja 2010
The last vehicle (race car) we built helped us avoid somethings and do various things differently. Deadline for the preliminary design report was 15th June, 2009. We will have a copy of it uploaded after a certain stage of the competition. We feel Baja should be open to a greater extent with greater sharing of various things. All the stuff we did before 15th June is listed below:
a) Modelling of the chassis using Catia
b) F.E.A. of the chassis using Ansys
c) Motion simulation for the suspension to obtain best configuration
d) Simulation of dynamic roll characteristics using MATLAB
e) Values of spring constants for front and rear were fixed
f) F.E.A. of control arms using SolidWorks

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